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The Offas-Dyke web site offers opportunities for accommodation providers to contact a highly targeted audience.  As the leading commercial website for this famous walk we attract thousands of visitors every month.  Our audience comprises active walkers and most planning to do the walk in the near future.

Advertising in an online directory has many advantages over existing printed guides.  Paper guides are often out of date whereas you can update an online guide anytime so that the information displayed to the user is always the latest available.  Research indicates that professionals and students form a large group of internet users, precisely the people that are likely to be doing the Offas-Dyke walk.

The popularity of the Internet is increasing at a phenomenal rate and most businesses will have to use it if they want to ensure that they don't left behind by their competition.

If you like the sound of promoting your business on the Internet we've got some even better news - our prices.  Aiming to provide exceptional value for money we have kept our prices low to ensure the best possible return from your advertising expenditure.

  Accommodation Providers
There are three ways that you can increase your business by advertising with us:
Accommodation Guide Text Entry

and in addition why not have:

�15 per year
Accommodation Web Site
A full page (about A4 size) entry including two photographs and descriptive text.  A hyperlink to/from Offas-Dyke and a link to your existing email address.  A unique address of and hosting and maintenance.

Click Here to see an example of a Web Site Entry.


�35 per year
Accommodation Hyperlink
If you have a web site you can benefit from increased traffic by getting a link from a text entry to your existing site.
�10 per year is a simple, proven cost effective way to promote your accommodation to hikers and walkers throughout the world.

Contact us now [email protected] and let the world know about your accommodation on this walk.


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Wednesday, 22nd May, 2024

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